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Holidays delivered

Employees handled last-minute packages Dec. 25

Lansing, IL, City Carrier Tony Reh makes a Christmas delivery.
Lansing, IL, City Carrier Tony Reh makes a Christmas delivery.

USPS employees in several cities spent part of Christmas Day ensuring customers received their last-minute packages.

“I get a sense of pride delivering on Christmas Day,” said Detroit Ramp Clerk Jim Burdine. “It’s something we do special [for our customers].”

Detroit Parcel Post Clerk Carole Blount, who sorted Priority Mail packages Dec. 25, said working Christmas Day is “an opportunity to work for the customer and give them the service they expect.”

St. Petersburg, FL, City Carrier Assistant Earnest Winston donned a Santa hat during his Christmas Day deliveries.

“Just seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when they get the gift that they didn’t think they were going to get … makes me feel good,” Winston told a local cable news network.

Elsewhere, Fort Worth, TX, Letter Carrier Mike Jones — who has delivered packages on Christmas Day for 14 years — wore a red suit to match his white beard.

Jones told the local CBS station he enjoys working Dec. 25 because it’s spent with happy customers.

“You see their joy, their happiness [when we deliver],” he said.

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