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USPS sells advertising firm on direct mail

Jo Eichelberger
Hawkeye District Sales Executive Jo Eichelberger

The Postal Service’s new “marketing impact calculator” recently helped persuade an Iowa advertising firm to use direct mail more frequently, generating more than $430,000 in revenue for USPS.

The sale began when Hawkeye District Sales Executive Jo Eichelberger noticed the firm was sending direct mailings on a limited basis.

Eichelberger and District Sales Manager Dan Doyle met with the firm’s executives and used the calculator to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of direct mail. (Businesses aren’t named in sales stories to protect the Postal Service’s competitive advantage.)

“Though many companies and organizations are aware that direct mail marketing can offer a boost to their marketing return on investment, the marketing impact calculator supports the concept by providing the numbers,” Eichelberger said.

The firm decided to reallocate a much larger portion of its marketing budget for direct mail through USPS.

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