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Got email?

Tips offered to protect USPS, personal addresses

The CyberSafe at USPS site offers tips on using email wisely.

Email makes banking, shopping and communicating faster. It also makes you vulnerable to hackers who want to gain access to your personal and business information.

To protect yourself, experts suggest taking these basic precautions when reviewing messages in your inbox:

  • Assess the sender. Make sure you recognize the sender or the email address before opening the message.
  • Check for errors. Mistakes in grammar or spelling can indicate a hacking attempt.
  • Question attachments and links. Consider what you’re opening and make sure it’s from a reliable source.

Avoid opening emails with suspicious senders, multiple errors or unsolicited attachments and links. Don’t forward emails received on your USPS-provided account to your personal account.

If you receive a suspicious email to your personal address, report it and then delete it.

Suspicious emails received at USPS email addresses should be reported by sending an email — with the suspicious message attached — to

More tips are available on the CyberSafe at USPS site on Blue.

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