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All is well

USPS aims to improve employee wellness year-round

Open season wellness video
Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson discusses the Postal Service’s wellness program in a new video on LiteBlue.

Open season has ended, but that doesn’t mean Postal Service employees should stop thinking about their health and wellbeing.

“This shouldn’t be just a one-time-a-year focus,” Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson says in a new LiteBlue video discussion. “We shouldn’t just look at our wellness during open season.”

USPS is developing a “holistic wellness” program to help employees strengthen their wellbeing in several areas, such as money management.

“It is an overall approach to you as a person, whether you are at work or whether you are at home,” Compensation Director Vinay Gupta says.

For example, one aspect of the program will focus on retirement planning. The Postal Service already has introduced several resources to help employees in this area, including a LiteBlue financial wellness page.

More additions are expected soon.

“We want to get out there in the field and really understand what the employees want because a program is only as good as it meets the needs of employees,” says Benefits and Wellness Manager Erica Hayton.

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