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Postal Pulse video addresses employee engagement

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USPS wants to spotlight managers who foster strong employee engagement, according to a new Postal Pulse video.

The Postal Service wants to spotlight managers who are doing a good job engaging employees, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson says.

“Those are the stories that we need to continue to tell. Those are the best practices that we need to replicate,” Williamson says in a new video about the Postal Pulse employee survey.

USPS has begun to share these best practices with managers.

In the video, Sr. Public Relations Representative Sue Brennan discusses engagement with Williamson and suggests showcasing managers who make it easy for employees to express concerns about the workplace.

“If other people feel like they can open up and say where they think changes need to be made — even in their individual work units — you’re going to see some positive impact from this,” Brennan says.

Employee engagement describes employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and positive contributions to the organization.

More information and previous videos are available on the Postal Pulse page on Blue. Employees are encouraged to email feedback to

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