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Season’s greetings

PMG, ELT thank employees in video message

Postage stamps, a red bow and the words "Happy Holidays From The Executive Leadership Team
In a new video, USPS leaders thank employees for their service during the holidays.

PMG Megan J. Brennan and the Executive Leadership Team thank employees for their dedicated service in a new holiday video.

“In thousands of facilities across this country, everyone is working hard to make the season a success,” Brennan says. “I’d like to thank you for serving our customers and our communities so well.”

The Postal Service expects to deliver more than 600 million packages this holiday season, a double-digit increase from last year.

“The dramatic increase in package volume this holiday season is in part a reflection of the great customer service that you provide,” DPMG Ronald A. Stroman says.

Chief Operating Officer David E. Williams also thanks employees for their focus on customers.

“You provide positive customer experiences every day, and your individual and collective efforts are greatly appreciated,” he says.

The video also features messages from Acting Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane, Chief Financial Officer Joseph Corbett, General Counsel Thomas J. Marshall, Acting Chief Information Officer Randy Miskanic and Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson.

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