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USPS, online retailer team to serve customers

Innovation Gwynnie Bee
A model shows off one of Gwynnie Bee’s looks in a new USPS video.

An online retailer is using the power of sharing — and USPS shipping — to meet the demand for plus-sized clothing.

Gwynnie Bee offers a subscription service that allows customers to rent apparel online. The offerings include 150 brands in sizes 10-32.

“We’re tapping into the … sharing economy,” chief executive Christine Hunsicker says in a new video on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. “The basic concept behind it is you take these garments and you allow multiple people to use them.”

Since the business model is built around returns, Gwynnie Bee relies on USPS. The company benefits from the Postal Service’s delivery schedule and package tracking technology, as well as the speed of Priority Mail.

“It also has incredibly cost-effective pricing, which allows us to take that savings and pump it back into the customer experience,” Hunsicker says.

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