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Nebraska employee rescues customer thrown from horse

Arnold, NE, Rural Carrier Geraldine Webb

Arnold, NE, Rural Carrier Geraldine Webb was delivering mail to a ranch recently when she noticed a horse bucking nearby.

When Webb didn’t see a rider, she looked around and spotted a man lying on the ground.

Webb offered to call an ambulance for the injured man, but he asked her to contact his daughter instead.

The daughter arrived, caught the horse and took her father to a hospital. He suffered two broken ribs, damage to his rotator cuff and a bump on his head.

“I was just happy to be there at the right moment,” Webb said. “A few seconds earlier and I would have seen him getting bucked off his horse.”

Postmaster Mary Pedersen called Webb “a very conscientious carrier who is always willing to help out wherever she is needed.”

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