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Good timing

Boston P&DC tops remittance mail survey

The Boston P&DC leads the latest remittance mail survey, while the Cleveland P&DC has the most improved score.

Boston P&DC employees continue to process bill payments quickly, receiving the nation’s highest remittance mail score for the eighth time in a row.

The survey — conducted twice a year by financial industry research firm Phoenix-Hecht — also credits the Cleveland P&DC with the nation’s most improved remittance service performance.

The survey measures “float,” marking the time from when a payment is mailed until the bank makes the cash available.

The results show Boston’s remittance performance has improved by 3.5 hours since the last survey.

“This improvement was the result of a commitment to the process by our teams, and a great partnership with our remittance customers,” said Headquarters Processing Operations Manager Isaac Cronkhite.

National remittance performance also improved by 1.8 hours since the previous survey. Of the 28 cities surveyed, 22 improved.

Remittance mail, the largest segment of First-Class Mail, is comprised of bills, statements and payments.

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