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Cutting losses

Team established to improve, streamline inefficiencies

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USPS is working to identify and fix areas where it’s losing money.

The Postal Service has established a Revenue Assurance team to help bolster the organization’s financial position.

USPS generates approximately $69 billion in revenue each year from the sales of its products and services.

The new team, which is comprised of Finance employees from varied backgrounds, will work to identify and fix areas where the organization is losing money, such as process gaps that lead to revenue loss.

Additionally, the team will seek ways to reduce future expenses.

Identifying revenue deficiencies — such as shortages or underpayment of postage or fees — is critical to maintaining and growing revenue, Postal Service leaders say.

The team asks Postal Service employees to help the process by looking out for:

  • Permit Imprint mailpieces being deposited in collection boxes.
  • Mailers picking up mail daily at the station without paying caller service.
  • Postage labels indicating incorrect zones, weights or mail classes.
  • Media Mail rates being claimed for ineligible items.

Employees can submit lost revenue leads by sending to

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