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Holiday reunion

ABC brings together USPS veteran, customer

Postal Service retiree Ron Johnson is reunited with customer Irene Thompson and her family on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

A Postal Service retiree was reunited with a special customer last week — and ABC’s “Good Morning America” was there to capture the moment.

Ron Johnson, a retired retail associate, met Irene Thompson when she visited the Salem, VA, Post Office in 2010 to ship a package to her husband Shannon, a naval corpsman serving in Afghanistan.

Thompson struck up a friendship with Johnson, who served six years in the Air Force in the 1980s.

“As time went on, every time she came in, we’d talk more and more about her husband and her kid and family,” Johnson told ABC.

The friendship became a source of comfort to Thompson, who worried for Shannon’s safety. He eventually returned home and the family moved to California, losing touch with Johnson.

But while Johnson was visiting Orlando, FL, before Thanksgiving, “Good Morning America” surprised him and his fiancée by reuniting them with Irene, Shannon and their children.

The reunion demonstrates how “acts of kindness can change your life,” reporter Melissa Rycroft told viewers.

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