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California employee rescues customer who fell in garage

Hero Freddie Pagan
Campbell, CA, Letter Carrier Freddie Pagan

Campbell, CA, Letter Carrier Freddie Pagan finished delivering mail to a slot in a home’s garage door recently when he heard a voice calling from inside.

“Are you the mailman?” she asked.

When Pagan identified himself, the woman told him she had fallen and couldn’t get up.

The woman gave Pagan a code to open the door. He called 911 and waited with the woman, who had struck her head when she fell almost four hours earlier.

After the woman was taken to a hospital for treatment, a captain from the fire and rescue squad called the Post Office and told Customer Services Supervisor Mariano Bertiz about Pagan’s heroic actions. The captain praised Pagan for not moving the woman, saying this likely prevented further injury.

Pagan said his actions weren’t extraordinary.

“We do more than deliver the mail. We care about our customers and look out for them,” he said.

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