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Shipping in style

Collaboration with USPS drives startup’s growth

A new USPS video shows Poshmark users snapping selfies of clothing they plan to sell.

An online startup is aiming to change the way apparel is bought and sold — with help from the Postal Service.

Poshmark allows users to post online photos of clothing that others can purchase. Some users post used items from their closets, but the service also is used by budding designers who want to develop their own fashion lines.

Shipping is essential to Poshmark’s success, chief executive Manish Chandra says in a new video segment on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. (Some employees may be unable to view external videos on postal computers.)

“Whenever women are shopping for fashion, they typically want the item shipped to them very fast,” Chandra says.

To meet these customers’ needs, the company worked with USPS to create “Poshpost,” a service that uses Priority Mail labels to have items delivered in 2-3 days.

Besides fueling Poshmark’s growth, shipping also is helping the company cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs, Chandra says.

“Anytime you empower people to do something, I think great things happen,” he says.

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