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USPS honors two individuals for handling FOIA requests

Associate General Counsel Michael Elston, who serves as chief FOIA officer, and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane present Linda Ambrose with her award.

The Postal Service recently honored two individuals for promptly fulfilling information requests from the news media and other organizations.

The quarterly Chief FOIA Officer’s Awards recognize employees whose efforts ensure Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are addressed in a timely manner.

Under the 1966 law, the public can request documents, emails and more from federal agencies.

Linda Ambrose, a headquarters integration and support specialist in Performance Analysis, was honored for consistently and accurately processing FOIA requests. Ambrose handles requests for Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane, as well as the five vice presidents who report to him.

Kathy Haskins, a Consumer and Industry Affairs employee who recently retired, also received an award. Haskins was honored for her extensive efforts to help the Privacy and Records Office comply with FOIA requests, including training team members on FOIA matters.

USPS receives more than 2,000 FOIA requests annually.

The quarterly awards are part of a broader organizational effort to strengthen the Postal Service’s compliance with its FOIA obligations.

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