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New video explains Self Plus One enrollment type

Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson discusses Self Plus One in a new video on LiteBlue.

Some Postal Service employees can save money by choosing the new Self Plus One enrollment option during this year’s open season.

Self Plus One offers coverage for you and one eligible family member you designate, such as a spouse or child. It joins two existing options — Self Only and Self and Family — on the menu of choices available to employees.

In a new video on LiteBlue, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson and other HR representatives discuss Self Plus One.

“It’s … a selection which was designed to better align your health benefits to your family. In most cases it will be cheaper than the Self and Family option,” says Compensation Director Vinay Gupta.

Benefits and Wellness Manager Erica Hayton encourages employees to “take a close look at their benefits” during every open season.

“Each year brings different needs to employees which may significantly impact their health provider options,” Hayton says.

Employees have until Dec. 14 to change their benefits or enroll in a new plan.

The LiteBlue open season site has more information about health benefits, premiums, plans and other topics.

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