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‘Dear Mr. You’

Book examines importance of letter writing

Actress Mary-Louise Parker
Actress Mary-Louise Parker’s new book “Dear Mr. You” touts the virtues of letter writing. Photo: NPR

Actress Mary-Louise Parker extols the virtues of letter writing in a new book, “Dear Mr. You.”

Parker, who says she grew up writing and mailing notes to loved ones, frames the book as a compilation of 30 letters to men who have affected her life.

“I love writing letters, I love receiving letters,” Parker told NPR last week. “My heart breaks a little bit when I tell my children they got mail and they’re sort of nonplussed. But I make them write letters and thank-you notes.”

Parker said when her kids see their written notes hanging in people’s homes, they understand their importance.

“It does matter to people when you take the time to consider them and put that onto paper,” she said.

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