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Surprise packages

USPS helps company deliver ‘Christmas every month’

Brad Lande, Birchbox’s general manager, discusses the company’s relationship with USPS in a new video.

Birchbox, a New York-based company that ships beauty and grooming products to subscribers each month, takes pride in surprising its customers.

The company also takes pride in its relationship with USPS.

“Every month, we have to deliver an element of … discovery to our customers. People feel like it’s Christmas every month, and we couldn’t do that without the United States Postal Service,” says Brad Lande, Birchbox’s general manager.

Lande discusses the business in a new video segment on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. (Some employees may be unable to view external videos on postal computers.)

The company employs a team of “data scientists” who help choose products that reflect each customer’s preferences. Other businesses also are using data analysis to tailor their mailings.

Birchbox’s products are shipped through Priority Mail. The company sends more than 1 million boxes each month, up from about 600 boxes a few years ago.

Says Lande: “We rely on our business relationship with the United States Postal Service without fail.”

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