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Updates offered on two carriers who gained online fame

From left, Sandy, UT, City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch, Matthew Flores and Mike Raymer, a recently retired letter carrier from Glendale, AZ

Twelve-year-old Matthew Flores has received more than 10,000 books since Sandy, UT, City Carrier Assistant Ron Lynch’s plea on the child’s behalf went viral earlier this year.

“There are people that want to do good. There are so many positive things out there that people want to be a part of,” Lynch tells the latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast.”

In the summer, Matthew asked Lynch if he had extra mail he could read. The boy said he didn’t have books at home.

Lynch posted a message on Facebook, asking friends if they could help him get Matthew some books. The post was shared widely, and soon the child was receiving books from across the world.

“They helped change [Matthew’s] life,” Lynch says.

The podcast also includes an update on Mike Raymer, who sent a heartfelt, handwritten farewell letter to his customers when he retired as a Glendale, AZ, letter carrier earlier this year.

The letter was posted online and went viral. Soon Raymer was receiving hundreds of thank-you cards and notes in mail.

“It was just neat to see them,” Raymer says.

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