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Veterans Day

USPS workforce includes 113,000 veterans

Veterans Day
The veterans’ badges are shown in PMG Megan Brennan’s video message.

Veterans Day, an annual holiday to honor individuals who have served in the U.S. military, is Wednesday, Nov. 11.

The holiday holds special significance for the Postal Service, one of the nation’s largest employers of veterans. Approximately 113,000 USPS employees have served in the armed forces.

The Postal Service will honor employees who are veterans with a special badge and lanyard that they can wear year-round, along with a letter from PMG Megan Brennan. These items will be sent to each veteran’s mailing address.

If you’re a veteran and you don’t receive your package by Dec. 1, send an email to or see your manager or supervisor.

“The Postal Service is proud of the veterans in its workforce, and we thank each of them for their service to our country,” said Employee Resource Management VP Nancy Rettinhouse.

More information is available in the PMG’s video message, as well as the Veterans Day section on the Multicultural Resources site.

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