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To catch a crook

USPS employee discovers 1930s-era criminal books

North Evans, NY, Retail Associate Ronald Clifford and Derby, NY, Postmaster Sandra Snyder mail the discovered books to the National Postal Museum.

Retail Associate Ronald Clifford made an unexpected discovery while cleaning out the North Evans, NY, Post Office recently.

Under a bench and some cobwebs, Clifford unearthed a set of 1930s books filled with photos and descriptions of the nation’s most wanted criminals at the time, including famous outlaw John Dillinger.

“I looked through them checking to make sure my mug wasn’t in the gallery,” Clifford joked.

USPS Historian Jennifer Lynch was contacted for advice on the find.

She shared photos of the books with the National Postal Museum, whose experts believe they were provided to the Post Office — which is near the Canadian border — to help employees identify fugitives.

The books will now be added to the library at the Washington, DC-based museum.

“We are proud of our local postal history,” said Derby, NY, Postmaster Sandra Snyder. “Now a piece of it will reside in our nation’s capital.”

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