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Employees share holiday hopes in new video

Behind the scenes video
Queens, NY, Letter Carrier Ralph Dowdell is interviewed about the new holiday TV commercials.

Postal Service employees have a message for customers this holiday season: You can count on USPS — and its technology.

“As soon as we scan ‘delivered,’ you’ll get a notice [on] your phone or email to let you know your package was delivered,” says Queens, NY, City Carrier Assistant Raphael Dowdell.

Dowdell is one of several employees featured in the Postal Service’s new holiday TV commercials, as well as a video on the making of the ads.

Chicago Letter Carrier Carilla Hayden notes the holidays bring new customers to USPS, so it’s important for employees to make a good impression.

“People who never ship things, ship things this time of year,” she says.

For Madeira Beach, FL, Letter Carrier Lance Carswell, technology helps make the holidays the best part of the year.

“When you walk up to [a customer’s] door and somebody is happy to see you [and] not asking, ‘Where’s my mail,’ but ‘Thank you for delivering this package.’”

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