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Service lets companies forward mail to another address

Premium Forwarding Service Commercial
Premium Forwarding Service Commercial allows USPS to forward mail to business customers as Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express shipments.

Reminder: USPS offers Premium Forwarding Service Commercial, which makes it easier for businesses with multiple locations to receive mail at a single address.

Here’s how it works: If a business has multiple street addresses and PO Boxes throughout the United States, USPS will collect mail from each location and forward it to a single domestic address.

This means the business doesn’t have to rely on different couriers to check each address and forward the mail.

“Premium Forwarding Service Commercial really makes life easier for our business customers by eliminating the effort required to interface with multiple intermediaries around the country,” said New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin.

Customers receive USPS tracking information for each forwarded container. The service also allows business customers to request, modify or cancel shipments online 24/7 and receive email or text message notifications when those containers are on their way.

The Business Customer Gateway on has more information.

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