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Mail matters

Consumers value promotional mailings, research shows

Mail virtues
More than half of consumers in a new survey say they want to receive mail from their favorite brands.

Fifty-four percent of consumers want to receive coupons and other promotional mailings from their favorite brands, The Wall Street Journal reported Nov. 3.

The findings — based on a survey of more than 2,000 adults — also show email is consumers’ preferred mode of communications from their preferred brands. However, these consumers want to receive print updates too.

“[Consumers] are not just constantly in a buying mode, sometimes they’re in a discovery mode. Print is a really good thing for that,” said David Burstein, editorial director for Marketing Sherpa, the research firm that conducted the survey.

The data also suggests social media isn’t as effective as other means of promotional communications.

“Social has a lot of buzz but it doesn’t cause that stop effect that … mail and email do in a busy world where consumers are being barraged [by brands],” Burstein said.

The research aligns with a study earlier this year that suggests consumers are more likely to remember advertisements they receive in the mail than ads they see online.

Additionally, recent Postal Service research shows mail remains popular with advertisers, despite inroads from online and email ads.

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