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Holding on

Service gives customers more time to pick up parcels

Hold For Pickup ensures packages will remain in a safe place until business customers are ready to retrieve them.

Reminder: USPS offers Hold For Pickup, a service that gives customers extra time to retrieve parcels at Post Offices.

Customers have 15 days to pick up packages sent through Priority Mail and other Package Services, such as Parcel Select. Hold for Pickup gives customers five days to pick up packages shipped through Priority Mail Express.

“This makes it easy for busy customers to pick up packages at their convenience, while adding the assurance that the package will remain in a safe place in the meantime. This is especially important for high-value packages,” said New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin.

Once a mailpiece has been delivered to a Post Office, recipients receive an email or text message informing them that their package has arrived.

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