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Heroes’ corner

Employees help occupants escape burning home

Heroes' corner
Honea Path, SC, Rural Carriers Patricia Burnley, left, and Lynda Alewine. Photo: Belton News-Chronicle

Honea Path, SC, Rural Carrier Lynda Alewine was delivering mail recently when she spotted smoke coming from a home. She waved down a co-worker, Rural Carrier Patricia Burnley, who was delivering packages nearby.

As the women got closer, they saw flames shooting through the roof.

“I’m sure we looked like two wild women out there running around and banging on the door [and] blowing the horn in our car,” Alewine told the Belton News-Chronicle.

A man came to the door and realized the house was on fire. Moments later, a woman ran outside and handed an infant to Alewine, then rushed back inside to retrieve a second child.

All four occupants escaped safely before firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze. Fire companies from six towns responded.

“I don’t know how we held it together while we got everybody out, but we did,” Burnley said.

Postmaster Ron Geer is proud of both employees.

“They really did a great thing. They’re modern heroes,” he said.

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