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Promoting ‘The Inspectors’

Chief Inspector Cottrell touts new CBS series

“Great Day” hosts Chris Leary and Markette Sheppard interview Erica-Marie Sanchez and Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell Oct. 20.

Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell has a message for TV viewers: When you watch “The Inspectors,” you won’t just be entertained — you’ll also learn a lot.

“This is a very unique way for us to get our message out there and help prevent people from becoming victims of crime,” Cottrell said this week on “Great Day,” a talk show in the Washington, DC, area.

“The Inspectors,” a new half-hour dramatic series, follows an Inspection Service unit that investigates consumer fraud. Most CBS stations air the show Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., although times may vary so viewers should check local listings.

The series teaches viewers how to avoid becoming crime victims. It also shows how the Inspection Service and USPS work together, Cottrell said.

“We deliver to everyone, every single day. The American public — those are our postal customers, and we have a responsibility to help protect them,” he said.

Erica-Marie Sanchez, a star of “The Inspectors,” appeared with Cottrell and discussed how much she’s learned since being cast.

“The Postal Inspectors are … unsung heroes,” Sanchez said. “They do so much amazing work that not a lot of people get to see, so the show will really raise awareness.”

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