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USPS offers new way to collect payment for mailed goods

USPS has improved Collect on Delivery, reducing risks for business customers.

The Postal Service has improved Collect on Delivery (COD), aiming to make it easier for business customers to get paid for merchandise they mail.

Businesses can now have payments transferred electronically to their financial institution.

Additionally, these mailers can continue to use postal money orders to transfer payments.

Both methods ensure companies get paid for their products and postage, reducing the risk of mailing merchandise without collecting payment first.

“Collect on Delivery provides businesses a more convenient way of arranging transactions with customers with unique payment needs,” said New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin.

COD is available with Priority Mail Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, Standard Post, Parcel Select and any Package Services product.

Recipients also have several payment options — including cash, check, money order or electronic funds transfer, either upon delivery or when picked up at the Post Office. Postal employees will not leave the shipment with the recipient without collecting payment first.

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