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USPS seeks more operations industrial engineers

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Morgan, NY, P&DC Operations Industrial Engineer Nathan Conklin speaks with another employee in the video.

The Postal Service is looking for a few good engineers.

Well, maybe more than a few.

USPS wants to hire more operations industrial engineers (OIEs), highly skilled professionals who help keep postal equipment operating efficiently.

“We generally make things easier for employees on the workroom floor,” Rochester, NY, P&DC OIE Bianca Kirkland says in a new video about the program.

The four-minute production shows Kirkland and other OIEs discussing how they contribute to USPS.

Nathan Conklin, an OIE at the Morgan, NY, P&DC, describes the challenges — and rewards — that come with the job.

“When you go to the floor and you see that the employees are actually happy, you get a sense of satisfaction … that you’ve actually improved the process,” he says.

Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams also appears in the video, noting he began his postal career as an OIE.

“Without a doubt, you will be challenged. You will be engaged. You will be given enormous responsibility. You’ll work alongside other skilled and driven professionals in a very diverse environment,” Williams says.

More information about OIE jobs is available on the Postal Service’s careers site by entering “engineer” in the search bar.

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