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Word to the wise

Password recovery settings must be updated by Oct. 18

Password reset
ACE users must reset their password recovery settings by Oct. 18.

Employees who use ACE computers must create their eAccess password recovery settings by Oct.18, part the Postal Service’s efforts to bolster online security.

The new settings will be required to reset forgotten passwords. If the settings aren’t updated by Oct. 18, users must have a manager’s approval to reset forgotten passwords.

To access password recovery settings, log onto eAccess. When the window appears indicating the settings need to be updated, choose “Continue.”

In the recovery settings, create a four-digit numerical password reset key, select three security questions and provide answers. This information will be required to validate a user’s identity to reset forgotten passwords.

The process for changing expiring passwords or resetting current passwords remains unchanged.

Questions can be answered by email.

Visit the CyberSafe at USPS site on Blue for additional resources, including password guidance, security resources and tips.

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