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AdjustPay update

Training available for payroll application

Training is now available for managers and supervisors who use the AdjustPay application.

Training is now available for AdjustPay, an online application that USPS managers and supervisors use to electronically authorize payroll adjustments for employees.

The application is designed to simplify, automate and avoid the need to create and submit a paper version of PS Form 2240, Pay, Leave and Other Hours Adjustment Request.

Managers and supervisors who use AdjustPay help the Postal Service avoid unnecessary processing costs.

All managers and supervisors are expected to use the application instead of a paper Form 2240 for all “simple” payroll adjustments, such as changing the type of leave charged, changing base pay to higher level pay and correcting an employee’s overtime pay.

AdjustPay shouldn’t be used for adjustments associated with a grievance, other type of settlement or salary advance collection.

“On demand” training is available online. The training also includes instructions on how to apply for AdjustPay access through eAccess.

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