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Employees honored for efforts to promote international services

Employees were recently honored for their efforts to boost the Postal Service’s international business.

Several USPS employees were recently recognized for their efforts to help boost international services.

The employees participated in a competition to promote services such as Global Express Guaranteed (GXG), which provides fast international shipping to about 180 countries.

Participants hosted lobby events, trained retail associates, helped establish Contract Postal Units to sell international services and worked with universities to promote mail to students studying abroad.

The winners: Lakeland District Retail Manager Susan Thiel (first place); Dunellen, NJ, Postmaster Tracey Hollingsworth (second); and Long Island District Business Development Specialist Rose Dacken (third). Additionally, the GXG coordinator challenge all-star award went to Dakotas District Retail Manager Dolly Lund and Retail Specialist Lori Kjose.

The winners visited Memphis, where they toured a FedEx hub and watched USPS Express Mail and GXG shipments flow through the processing facility. Coordinators also received trophies.

“Having trained employees was a key for our district,” said Thiel. “By knowing the features and benefits of our international services, retail associates can match the right product to the customer’s needs. This not only improved the customer experience, but helped grow revenue.”

For more information about USPS international services and supplies, email GXG Program Manager Ann Felt.

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