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OPM intrusion notices

Affected individuals to receive letters, agency reports

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Individuals who were affected by OPM’s cyber intrusion will receive letters, the agency reports.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced Oct. 1 it has started mailing letters to individuals whose personal information was stolen during the agency’s recent cyber intrusion.

These letters will describe the theft protection and credit monitoring services that OPM will provide to affected individuals for three years at no cost. The letters also will contain a personal identification number for individuals to enroll in these services.

Some individuals had their fingerprints stolen and will be notified in the letter. Additional steps will be required for these individuals.

All affected individuals will receive OPM’s letters via U.S. Mail. Email will not be used.

For additional information, read the agency’s statement, which appears on Acting Director Beth Cobert’s blog.

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