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Oregon employee uses military training to render aid

Tigard, OR, Custodian Kurt Schmitz
Tigard, OR, Custodian Kurt Schmitz

Postal Custodian Kurt Schmitz drew on his training as an Army medic recently when a car slammed into the Tigard, OR, Post Office and left a 76-year-old woman pinned against a counter.

Schmitz applied pressure to the woman’s wounds and kept her calm and alert until paramedics arrived. He also showed her how to adjust her body to a more upright position.

Although the woman suffered multiple lacerations and broken bones, the paramedics and police credit Schmitz with saving her life.

“We are most fortunate that there were not more injuries,” Customer Services Manager Marsha Tate said. “We are also fortunate to have a great employee like Kurt who doesn’t hesitate to step up in an emergency such as this one.”

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