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Retirement made simpler

Lifecycle Funds aim to ease retirement planning

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TSP Lifecycle Funds can simplify retirement planning, experts say.

For many people, the task of investing for retirement may seem daunting. A Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Lifecycle Fund can take some of the sting out of the process.

Postal Service employees may choose from any of TSP’s five core funds — the G, F, C, S and I Funds. Each fund invests in specific kinds of securities, such as government bonds, blue chip stocks or foreign stocks.

Employees also have the option of a TSP Lifecycle Fund, also known as an L Fund, a professionally determined combination of TSP funds tailored to your investment objectives and “time horizon” — the time until you retire or need to tap your accumulated savings.

The L Funds aim to simplify fund selection. They offer flexibility when choosing a fund closest to your time horizon, and you don’t have to remember to adjust your investment mix as your target date approaches since it’s done for you.

A set of brief videos describing TSP investment choices is now available online.

For more on TSP and other money management resources, visit the new financial wellness site on LiteBlue.

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