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Improvements make it easier to look up facility information

A postal facility
The FDB system allows users to find information about postal facilities.

USPS has improved the Facilities Database (FDB), aiming to make the system easier for Postmasters and other managers to use.

The FDB collects a variety of data, including each facility’s hours of operation and number of carrier routes.

This information is fed to the Post Office locator on and several other applications, including PostalOne, eAccess, the service delivery calculator, Customer Care Centers and the Interactive Voice Response System.

FDB users can now use the File Generator Utility (FGU) program to look up data. FGU allows users to extract information from the FDB system for individual or multiple facilities and to save the query for future use.

Effective Oct. 31, a new version of FGU will provide users with more query options. Also, the FDB login page will move to the FDB welcome page.

Users of the current version of FGU will need to establish any saved queries in the new version, since those queries won’t migrate during the switchover.

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