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USPS leaders highlight technology, training during PCC Week

PMG Megan Brennan
PMG Megan Brennan addresses the Greater Portland PCC.

The Postal Service is improving customer service by boosting employee training and investing in technology, business leaders were told this week.

In a series of meetings across the nation, USPS executives highlighted the organization’s efforts to better serve business mailers.

The discussions were part of National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Week, which brings postal and industry leaders together to address mutual concerns and exchange ideas.

“Our industry is being transformed by a wave of innovations that is changing the way consumers experience mail,” said PMG Megan Brennan, who addressed the Greater Portland PCC in Oregon.

To spark further innovation, the Postal Service has devised new training to help employees better serve customers at Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs), where most Standard Mail enters the USPS network.

The Postal Service also is testing a new digital and mobile service that will provide residential customers with a preview of mailpieces they’ll receive later that day.

This benefits businesses because it allows their mailings to become part of consumers’ daily digital experiences, Brennan said.

“This has a lot of potential for the evolution of mail,” she said.

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