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Returning favorites

USPS to celebrate holidays with classic stamps

Virgin and Child by Gossaert (2013)

The Postal Service will offer several holiday stamps this year, including recent favorites and new releases.

Stamps based on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” will be issued Oct. 1, followed later in the month by Geometric Snowflakes.

Post Office customers also will be able to purchase the following stamps from previous years:

  • Virgin and Child by Gossaert (2013) and/or Madonna of the Candelabra (2011)
  • Holy Family pane (2013)
  • Hanukkah (2011)
  • Kwanzaa (2011)
  • Eid (2013)
  • Gingerbread Houses (2013) and/or Holiday Baubles (2011)

Post Offices should have all available holiday stamps in their inventory and available for purchase. For additional information, refer to Retail Digest’s Sept. 22 edition, which will be posted soon on the publication’s site.

Most holiday stamps also are available online.

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