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Taking stock

Do you have what you need in case disaster strikes?

Safeguard your documents before disaster strikes, experts say.

If disaster strikes, your immediate concern likely will be for yourself and your family’s safety.

Once the immediate danger passes, having your financial and medical records and important contact information readily available will be crucial to starting the recovery process.

Experts say taking time to safeguard these documents now will give you peace of mind, ensure you have access to essential medical and prescription information, and help you avoid additional stress during the days following a disaster.

The first step is to take an inventory of household documents. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s financial first aid kit includes a checklist and guidance on collecting and safeguarding important information.

Also, think about any irreplaceable items you want to protect from damage or take with you if you need to suddenly evacuate your home.

Additionally, the Postal Service’s Employee Assistance Program is available to support you and your family during and after a crisis of any kind.

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