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‘The greater good’

Employees thanked for service to customers

PMG visit
PMG Megan Brennan meets Madison, MS, Rural Carrier Abigail Hayes during her visit to Mississippi District.

PMG Megan Brennan is praising Postal Service employees for their service to customers, especially during emergencies.

During a recent visit to Mississippi District, Brennan thanked the USPS workforce for its “dedication and willingness to work together, as a team, for the greater good.”

The visit helped kick off National Preparedness Month, which is held each year to encourage people to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies. The visit also marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which struck Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states.

The PMG said Mississippi District reflects what all Postal Service employees are known for: “resiliency, dependability and the collective ability to say to each other, ‘Let’s get moving, we have work to do for our customers.’”

Brennan also discussed the Postal Service’s ongoing investments in employee training and infrastructure improvements, topics she has addressed in visits with other employees this year.

Madison, MS, Rural Carrier Vicky Gray said she appreciated Brennan’s remarks.

“It was good to hear the PMG discuss the Postal Service’s business priorities, and it was special to hear from her in person. It makes us feel included,” Gray said.

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