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Honoring Paul Newman

USPS stamp honors actor’s art, philanthropy

Paul Newman stamp
Clea Newman Soderlund, Paul Newman’s daughter, celebrates the dedication of the stamp. Photo: Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Postal Service dedicated a stamp honoring Oscar-winning actor and philanthropist Paul Newman Sept. 18.

“Paul Newman left an indelible mark on American film and American culture. He loved life. He loved the arts. And perhaps most importantly, he loved to help others,” said Eastern Area VP Joshua Colin.

The stamp was dedicated in the Playhouse Square District in Cleveland, Newman’s hometown.

The ceremony featured representatives from the philanthropic groups the actor founded, including the Newman’s Own Foundation, which raises money for charity through the sale of food products, and the Serious Fun Children’s Network, which assists seriously ill children.

The stamp features photographer Steve Schapiro’s 1980 image of Newman, with text that reads “Actor/Philanthropist.”

The stamps can be purchased online and at Post Offices nationwide.


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