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VIP visit

Postal Service prepares for papal tour

Pope Francis and crowd
Pope Francis will visit the United States from Sept. 22-27. Photo: Wiki Commons

USPS will keep the mail moving when Pope Francis embarks on a six-day U.S. tour Sept. 22, although some customers might experience service interruptions in the cities he visits.

“The Postal Service is taking measures to continue moving the mail,” said Chief Operating Officer David Williams. “Extra security measures when moving, delivering and picking up the mail are being taken to safeguard our employees, customers and the mail.”

The first two stops on the pope’s tour — Washington, DC, and New York City — will be limited and only minimal disruption to deliveries and collections in the immediate area of events are expected, Williams said.

The papal visit will conclude in Philadelphia from Sept. 26-27. This stop has been declared a national security event and will restrict the Postal Service’s ability to conduct deliveries and retail operations in the immediate area.

Philadelphia Metropolitan District and the World Family organization have joined together to deliver an Every Door Direct Mail piece to alert more than 97,000 customers who will be affected by this event.

Updates are posted to the USPS Service Alerts site.

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