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Frequent fliers

Residential mailboxes reap Customer Connect leads

Customer connect flier
San Mateo, CA, Letter Carrier Alex Franco encourages his fellow carriers to participate in the Customer Connect program.

Sometimes finding a sales lead is as easy as opening a mailbox.

No one knows this better than San Mateo, CA, Letter Carrier Alex Franco, who recently noticed an uptick in businesses leaving fliers in residential mailboxes to avoid paying postage.

Franco began encouraging his fellow carriers to bring the fliers back to the Post Office.

“Every flier is a lead for our business development team,” he said.

The practice is becoming more common in Western and Pacific areas, which are working to boost Customer Connect, a program that encourages letter carriers to identify new business opportunities for USPS.

Post Offices in both areas now send letters to businesses that leave fliers in mailboxes. The notes state clearly: “Items put in mail receptacles must have postage affixed and be delivered by our letter carriers.”

The notices also offer recipients an alternative: Every Door Direct Mail, which allows businesses to target consumers based on their location and other demographics.

San Francisco District Business Development Specialist Bill Gossy, who developed the template for the letter, encourages other areas to adopt the tactic.

“Once businesses learn the benefits of Every Door Direct Mail, they’re eager to participate,” Gossy said.

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