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Song goes on

Philadelphia Postal Choir keeps tradition alive

The Philadelphia Postal Choir performs recently.

Not long ago, several Postal Service districts had choirs or bands. The tradition has mostly faded — but not in Philadelphia District.

The Philadelphia Postal Choir sings at a variety of events, particularly around the holidays. The choir also serenaded PMG Megan Brennan at an event earlier this year.

The choir traces its roots to 1985, when some Philadelphia postal employees began singing together for fun. The group mostly performed at postal events, but its popularity grew and soon the choir was singing at malls, schools, mayoral events and even a Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game.

Although members have come and gone during the past 20 years, some retired postal employees still participate.

“They help us maintain continuity and keep the choir vibrant,” said Mail Processing Clerk Nancy Rolling, the choir’s director.

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