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Future focus

USPS relying on data and technology, trade journal reports

Customer using a smartphone.
Customers can use the My app to manage package deliveries.

USPS is moving into the future with a host of new services that are geared toward tech-savvy consumers, an industry trade journal reported last week.

The Postal Technology International article highlights My, a mobile application that allows customers to track their packages and specify delivery dates.

The publication also cites a service being tested in New York City that offers customers a digital preview of the mail they’ll receive later that day.

Additionally, the article describes how the Postal Service is collecting valuable data by scanning packages and using the information to strengthen customer service and make processing plants run more efficiently.

Other services mentioned include Irresistible Mail, a new USPS site that shows businesses how they can produce more effective mailings.

The innovations align with the Postal Service’s broader efforts to meet customers’ changing needs, PMG Megan Brennan tells the publication.

“We have great opportunities to improve the way we serve our customers, and it’s all tied to harnessing the power of data and technology,” Brennan says.

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