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Safe and secure

Employees urged to remain vigilant

USPS reminds employees to remain vigilant about workplace security, including keeping doors locked.

As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the Postal Service reminds employees to remain vigilant about workplace security.

You can help keep your workplace secure by always wearing your ID badge and locking building doors to prevent unauthorized entry.

Locked doors are occasionally opened to let employees and mail in and out. At all other times, make sure all doors are closed and all locks work.

Here are some additional tips from Postal Inspectors:

  • Politely question strangers who are not wearing a postal ID. Anyone without an ID must be cleared for entry by a supervisor.
  • Ensure government license plates, such as USPS or General Services Administration plates, are properly affixed to vehicles.
  • Perform vehicle inventories daily and document the results.
  • Remove keys from vehicles when not in use and keep all vehicle doors locked.
  • Immediately report any missing postal assets such as uniforms, vehicles and keys.

If you have security concerns, contact your facility’s security control officer. For additional information, read Publication 266, Blueprint for Facility Security, which was updated last year.

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