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Seeing the light

Candle company sale generates $3.9 million

Sales candles
Kentuckiana District Sr. Field Sales Representative Chad Rice.

A fast-growing candle company in Louisville, KY, was using a commercial shipper to send packages to 8,000 recipients each week.

There was just one problem: Many of the glass-enclosed candles arrived damaged.

Enter Chad Rice, a senior field sales representative for Kentuckiana District.

He met with the company’s executives and persuaded them no one can hold a candle to the Postal Service.

Rice recommended the company ship its products in Priority Mail Flat Rate padded envelopes. He also teamed with Louisville Transportation Manager Jeff Vogel, who arranged pickups for the company.

The business now ships 2,500 packages daily, generating $3.9 million in annual postal revenue. The company also is preparing to market vitamins and other products, potentially generating more USPS business.

“I’m very proud to have been a part of this company’s growth, but this was a group effort,” said Rice. “Everyone took proactive steps to keep this customer and ensure their satisfaction — and pride — in utilizing USPS for their shipping needs.”

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