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Postal pen pals

USPS email correspondents finally meet

David Walton
Charlotte, MI, Postmaster David Walton and Louisville, KY, Communications Specialist David Walton

What happens when two employees share the same name? A lot of misdirected emails, it turns out.

David Walton, Postmaster in Charlotte, MI, started receiving another David Walton’s emails seven years ago. This David Walton, a communications specialist in Louisville, KY, had just started with the Postal Service.

The newcomer was assigned an email address with the number 2, but emails continued to get into the wrong Walton’s inbox.

Postmaster Walton always understood, says Specialist Walton, even going “as far as to tell me my emails were much more interesting than his.”

After years of forwarding each other’s messages, the two finally met recently when Postmaster Walton visited Kentucky on vacation.

They found they have several other things in common: “I play the banjo, he plays guitar, and we both love to travel,” says Specialist Walton.

Both have similar educational backgrounds too: Postmaster Walton studied communications and journalism, while Specialist Walton worked as a journalist before joining USPS.

They also discovered a shared appreciation for their profession.

Says Postmaster Walton: “We both take pride in our work.”

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