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Kentucky plant takes new approach to recycling

Employee recycling cardboard waste
Lead Maintenance Custodian Torris Little recycles cardboard at the Louisville, KY, P&DC.

The Louisville, KY, P&DC has improved the way it recycles cardboard, saving the Postal Service more than $230,000 each year.

The plant established guidelines to ensure reusable cardboard isn’t put into its compactor for recycling. Instead, the cardboard is now sent back to the P&DC’s Automated Parcel Bundle Sorter (APBS) operation.

This change has reduced Louisville’s daily cardboard requirements from 241 boxes per day to 112.

The improvements were recommended by a team that uses Lean Six Sigma to improve the efficiency of Postal Service operations.

USPS also is installing new recycling equipment at more than 200 plants across the nation to help generate more savings and revenue.

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