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Informed Visibility offers up-to-the-minute mailing data

The Informed Visibility system aims to help USPS improve efficiency and better align resources.

USPS recently began deploying Informed Visibility, an online system that will offer up-to-the-minute information and insights into the mail.

Informed Visibility will provide access to reports, performance metrics and personalized dashboards. The goal is to help employees manage operations, refine processes and adjust workloads.

The system, which is being deployed in multiple phases through next spring, is part of a broader effort to strengthen the Postal Service’s use of technology.

“The Postal Service is data driven, now more than ever,” said Enterprise Analytics VP Robert Cintron, whose team created and manages Informed Visibility. “Through Informed Visibility, employees will be able to identify potential service failures before they occur and adjust operations to ensure service commitments are met.”

Informed Visibility also will offer up-to-the-minute status updates for business customers. This will allow customers to adjust their mailings as needed and help them measure the success of their mailing campaigns.

To join the distribution list for periodic updates, employees should submit a request through eAccess (look for “IV Communications DL”). Questions can be emailed to the Informed Visibility team.


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