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Bigger bite

Food retailer to spend $1.4 million with USPS

Sr. Field Sales Representative Janis Kaylor
Sr. Field Sales Representative Janis Kaylor

A Connecticut food retailer recently agreed to send 400,000 packages a year through USPS, generating more than $1.4 million in Priority Mail annual revenue.

The sale began when the company’s chief executive contacted Sales VP Cliff Rucker to express his dissatisfaction with commercial shippers.

Rucker arranged for Sr. Field Sales Representative Janis Kaylor to meet with the company’s representatives to discuss how USPS could help.

During the meeting, Kaylor explained how the business could use Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express to ship its products efficiently and affordably.

The executives were persuaded — and immediately switched to the Postal Service.

“We worked closely with the company to educate them about how we could help them, including using our partners to easily create merchant shipping labels,” Kaylor said. “Once they heard how we could help them better serve their customers, they were eager to do business with us.”

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